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Customer Testimonials
20.07.2009 [18:55:18]
Ina Darmawan
Pelayanan 'Fannie Florist' sangat bagus. Setelah beberapa kali melihat & membandingkan website 'Fannie Florist' dgn websites florist lain nya, price list nya lbh masuk akal, terutama utk pemesan di luar Indonesia. Di masa yg akan datang, 'Fannie Florist' di harapkan dpt menyediakan fasilitas pembayaran dgn kartu kredit jg, shg bisa mencakup konsumen yg lbh besar lg. Ina-Australia
09.06.2009 [15:38:32]
Agus Tjandera
I'm living in Australia and have relatives living in Jakarta. I've used Fannie Florist's service twice to send flower/cake to them. Both times i was satisfied with their service, prompt responses, and the quality of their products. They also offer the paypal payment option, which means i can do everything online and pay with my credit card. I will recommend Fannie Florist to anyone!
07.05.2009 [09:08:35]
Ridwan Krisnadi
Pelayanan Fannie Florist bener-bener top, bunga bisa dipesan fleksibel sesuai budget - mau request boneka tinggal minta bentuknya seperti apa... good service - keep up the good works!
30.04.2009 [17:44:15]
Oki Herijanto
Saya benar-benar puas belanja bunga di Fannie Florist. Pelayanannya benar-benar prima dan bunga yang saya pesan dalam keadaan segar. Maju terus Fannie Florist
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